Buff your brain, 3

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September 2016
INfluencia: Buff your brain, 3


Today's entertainment-orientated society has really take its toll on our brain. It has become increasingly obvious that our intelligence is slowly going down the drain, and that our mind’s condition is worsening. Unfortunately, cerebral malnutrition is nothing to be joked about.This alarming observation is what INfluencia based itself upon to come up, with the complicity of Gloryparis, with a shocking campaign, aiming to make people realize what’s actually happening to their brain and to favor a more qualitative type of brain food.

Print advertisement created by Glory Paris, France for INfluencia, within the category: Media.


Buff your brain. For your own good and that of others, subscribe now to.

Advertising Agency: Gloryparis, Paris, France
Creative Directors: Hugues Pinguet, Arnaud Le Bacquer
Art Director: Leslie Guilmin
Copywriters: Pierre Griffon, Lucas Perissel
Photographer: Jean Marie Cras
Editing: La Souris Sur Le Gâteau
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