Penguin Recaps

September 2020
Penguin: Penguin Recaps
Penguin: Penguin Recaps
Penguin Integrated Ad - Penguin Recaps
Penguin Integrated Ad - Penguin Recaps


Busy times bring dizzy minds and fuzzy storylines. When life won't let you read your book in one shot and getting back into it seems more difficult than not, just scan the page with your phone on the spot ⁠and Penguin Recaps will remind you of the plot.

Integrated advertisement created by Miami Ad School, Germany for Penguin, within the categories: Electronics, Technology, Media, Recreation, Leisure.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Germany
Copywriter: Charlotte Whalen
Art Director: Ieva Povilauskaite
Art Director: Ioana Marinescu
Art Director: Thomas Février
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