Cage, 2

December 2014
Fundación Adoptar:  Cage, 2


Print advertisement created by Brother Ad School, Argentina for Fundación Adoptar, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


In Argentina more dogs are adopted than 6 years old children .

Advertising School: Brother Ad School, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Art Directors / Copywriters: Carla Navascues, Sebastian Damore, Fernando Siri
Photographer: Celeste Martearena Godoy
Additional credits: Murilo Viviurka Marcondes
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Temple's picture

I 've said it a million times: let the kids try their creativity with real life clients, don't feed them the easy charity ads.

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Creative Director
Dzsoi's picture

A dog demands less attention and less money to raise than a child.
I guess the visual try to say that the boy disguise himself as a dog to get adopted but there is no reference to this idea in the copy.

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@minas_mars's picture

I thought it was an elephant mask. Shows how engaging the visual is. Not very.

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Art Director at TBWA |

I'm gonna try say something positive

kleenex's picture

Not a great ad imo.

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Web Designer/Developer
Johnnyrose's picture

I like the idea, but dogs need to be adopted too. At least children are fed and live in orphanages but dogs are left to die on the street. Yes, animals deserve love too, especially the kind that's considered our best friend.

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New Moment New Ideas, Tirane |

Johnny Rose

damnson's picture

First idea.

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Copywriter |

An axe murderer of ads.

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