The Impact Receipt

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September 2020


New campaign and brand activation by Swedish creative boutique Strays encourages consumers to not buy new clothes.

Consumption is growing by double digits every year. And 60% of all garment’s sold are thrown away with in a year. This is a huge problem as the fashion industry is one of the most resource-intensive industries on our planet.

To highlight this and start a conversation on the topic, Strays created a new kind of receipt for Swedish menswear brand Asket’s new campaign. The receipt, named The Impact Receipt, reveals the full environmental impact for the brands garments. And unlike lofty promises of sustainability, the receipt gives you the hard facts of garment production. The data was calculated with the help of RISE ((Research Institutes of Sweden) and took over two years to collect, since it spans the entire production chain for each product.

The Impact Receipt campaign is not just about the PR and social media ads telling people how we can’t shop our war to sustainability. From spring 2021 The Impact Receipt will be a new standard for Asket and each sold garment will be accompanied by a receipt showing the specific garments environmental footprint. The hope is to restore the value of clothes and, in the end, make people buy less new clothes.

Integrated advertisement created by Strays, Sweden for Asket, within the categories: Fashion, Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: Strays, Stockholm, Sweden
Photography: Fredrik Augustsson
Creative: Carl Michael Ulfstedt
Creative: Arvid Gradin
Creative: Christofer Weider
Creative: Frida Berlin
Creative: Josefin Inge
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