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July 2021
Tencent: The Jujube
Tencent Film Ad - The Jujube


The animated short film "The Jujube" is based on the genre of Chinese bizarre literary and traditional clay sculpture drama. Tells about a pair of brothers who lost their family property,
Accidentally obtained a treasure hunt map left by his father, Finally, it turns into a ghost story due to greed.

In just six months since its public release, “The Jujube” won the best animated short film in 5 internationally renowned independent film festivals, including San Francisco Indie Short Festival, New Wave Short Film Festival, Animation Studio Festival, Chicago Indie Film Awards and Roma Short Film Festival. And was invited to participate in many well-known film festivals.

The short film uses Sichuan " intangible cultural heritage " way to make clay puppets. The clothing and fine arts originated from the Ming Dynasty more than 600 years ago. The protagonist's movements and fights are integrated into the limbs of Chinese martial arts. The narrator uses the traditional crosstalk art,
Invited the famous traditional folk art storyteller Mr. Qin Hao to tell the story, Add a sense of classical opera.

This is Tencent Neo-Culture Creativity.
A new attempt to promote classical Chinese literature.

Film advertisement created by Tencent, China for Tencent, within the category: Media.

Production Company: Shanghai Fanbu Network And Technology
Production Company: Stop Motion Animation Studio
Chief Creative Officer: Vincent Li
Executive Creative Director: Akae Wang
Creative Director: Jie Weng
Copywriter: Akae Wang
Art Director: Dong Xie
Chief Creative Officer: Xiao Lan Liu
Copywriter: Zita Zou
Copywriter: Yuan Meng Liu
Art Director: Linken Lin
Director: Jie Weng
Producer: Edward Cheng
Original Author: Cuttlefish That Loves Diving
Narrator: Hao Qin
Coordinator: Hunter Zhang
Coordinator: Ice Ling
Coordinator: Chloe Xiao
Communications: Zhi Yi Zhou
Communications: Li Fang Feng
Communications: Shuang Li
Communications: Jing Xu
Communications: Ming Wang
Communications: Lin Li
Communications: Ji Jing Wang
Communications: Lei Yang
Communications: Zhi Qun Song
Communications: Wen Li
Script Supervisor: Yan Dong Shen
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loved it

Activity Score 24
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Really stunning story with deep oriental wisdom, great animation!

Activity Score 6
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