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October 2020


Breast cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in Peru. Thousands of women die each year from this terrible disease, although this is one of the diseases that can be totally prevented. But most women don't take the preventive test because they are afraid to do it.

For this reason, this campaign shows four very famous Peruvian actresses acting as if they were their own breasts, convincing each other to go for a mammogram.

Film advertisement created by Grey, Peru for Peruvian League Against Cancer, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Circus Grey, Lima, Peru
Ceo: Zinka Mendoza
President & CCO: José Luis Rivera
Cco: Charlie Tolmos
Cd: Yasu Arakaki, Rodrigo Melgar
Copywriter: Luis Alburqueque
Art Director: Oscar Gonzales
Creative Team: Alessandra Castañeda, Ada Rucabado, Lucía Chirinos, Piero Roncal
Innovation & Planning Director: Nicolás Rodríguez
New Business Director: Valeria Malone
Production Director: Renzo Talavera
Executive Producers: Katty Santillana, Pierina Ivazeta
Production Company: Señor Z
Audio Company: Agosto
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Seriously ??
Done with balls for underwear, stop copypaste please.

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Talkin boobs / Talking balls.
Nothing new?

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