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April 2017


Because, it’s time to change the rules of the game – the social inequalities of our world. This year, French people will have to choose their new President. Social inequality divides the French society and it’s critical to remind everybody the importance of this issue.

Adults get used to social unfairness… But kids can’t bare it. Kids’ reactions to situations are often very interesting because they’re truthfully blunt with no preconceived or learned bias. In “The Society Game” experience, we see how they react to our unfair world.

Experiential advertisement created by Herezie, France for Observatoire des Inegalities, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Herezie Group, France
COO: Pierre Callegari
CEO: Andrea Stillacci
Associate General Managers: Edouard De Pouzilhac, Thomas Couteau
Associate Managing Director: Arno Pons
Executive Creative Director: Baptiste Clinet
Head of Creative Content: Paul Marty
Artistic Director: Jules Perron
Copywriters: Philippe Lesesvre, Paul Marty
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Really cool!

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solid video.

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Okay, this is a powerful video that made me go 'DARN THAT'S COLD' while I placed my hand in my chest, shocked. But you know what made me less shocked than I can be? The children's acting. Do you really think you invite children to play monopoly and they will questioning fairness of the world? Questioning equality or even serious matter? At least children I saw here aren't that proactive or mature like that. SOme of the children's acting isn't play out great. Instead, why not make it natural. The adult guy with erect nipple would layout the real-life rules to their children- AND let their reaction natural. By natural I mean- just frown and angry and ask 'WHY?' and 'BUT WHY?' a lot. Like a children do.

BEcause that's my reaction when I heard the man laid down ridiculous rules. I am as confused as the real-life children when their hear the ridiculous rules. But not as confused as straight-up-scripted mature-kid reaction. Let the intriguing lines make the audience thinking, don't use the child to lure otherwise. I'm on my third cups of beer so I'm not sure if you're understand. I just want film-maker and advertising people to not forgetting real-life and real world and how human in non-dramatic-ads react to things... I know exaggeration is key, but make it... not too acting-y, maybe? Beside of the action, the message is so goddamn powerful I applaud you sincerely and genuinely.

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