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August 2010
Sandra Martins:  Business Card
Sandra Martins Direct Ad -  Business Card


Rather than a conventional business card to offer the makeup services to the customer, it was created a special stamp that simulates a lipstick mark. The stamp may be applied to any material, such as napkins, paper sheets, tissues etc.

Direct advertisement created by OpusMultipla, Brazil for Sandra Martins, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: OpusMúltipla, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Directors: Denilson Pucci, Renato Cavalher
Art Director: Cintya Reese
Copywriter: Diego Pianaro
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this would be applicable if it's for a hooker

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Very nice. But how am I going to get it into my wallet where I keep all my other business cards? It's not a business card, it's a flyer.

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You keep your business cards in your wallet? All three of them?
I think this one has far more impact than just another small piece of paper. Well done!

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You can stamp it behind your own business car. Brilliant

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Clever concept, but totally impractical . I sure wouldn't walk around with that thing in my pocket. Concept isn't everything.

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Pretty sure Sandra Matin would have a purse. Good idea.

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Copywriter at Stanley St
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Correct me if i'm wrong... But dont women usually have purses to carry this kinda stuff?

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The point is that you don't have to have a lot of one single item printed in advance. You also don't have to pay a huge amount upfront for printing on a variety of media (cards, napkins, paper, stationary, etc.). Rather, you have the luxury of "pay-as-you-go" and stationary, cards, envelopes, etc. can be made. If you're going out or traveling, you'd stamp an appropriate number of cards. You don't have to stamp them on the spot.

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Go to Sandra Martins for lipstick that's sure to come off!

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Nice idea
but its does not work like cards, it is a flyer

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remember me on this... better and more idea integrated..

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Yeah and you most certainly wont be wearing any make up either!!!!! A woman would just throw this into her purse and thats it! Think who you gonna give this to. And if a man got this should probably pass it along to his wife/girlfriend or what ever....

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But this lipstick-stamp could be stamped in any paper, in any size, Not just in a napkin!...

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absolutely brilliant, I would never forget it!!

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This is a fabulous idea, and very memorable. But it's not a "business card". It's a promotion, a flyer, or a keepsake. All of which are still awesome.

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Niiiiice! Smart and simple.

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Very nice!!!!!

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Memorably seductive.

Anonymous Author
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nice one

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You can stamp clean business cards. Or even more -- you can stamp existing business cards on the back side. Or use a piece of cloth as material. That would make concept more solid and not being dropped into garbage can :)

TSD Agency
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Chief Creative Officer at Tough Slate Design, Kyiv, Ukraine |

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awesome work

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had this idea for my long-d boyfriend before we split up... a lip stick stamp as we were so far away... I still think of him sometimes, but i'd save this idea for my future one...

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you're a lunatic

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Great, by the way!

Marlus Lau
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I think Sandra keeps the stamper and stamps on everything she would like to... as someone said, on the back of business cards, even walls, any papers. Very good idea and not really comparable to that Lectorate stamp. (I doesn't understand the 'not integrated' comment... makeup and lipstick has something to do with each other when I last checked).

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Happy Housewife
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cheapo. sorry

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[edited out by admin] clearly you people have met with your accounts people wayy too often. it's not a flyer, she could easily stamp this out on a few blank business cards and keep them in her purse to hand out. The stamp would function for that and any stationary she might send out to be consistent. It's a good idea, stop crying that you didnt come up with it.

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this would be applicable if it's for a hooker

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actually i think i dont understand it clearly , even through i read it again and again !

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whether it is a businesscard or not. it is a good realisation for this sector. *kiss

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Nice. Thank God some people are not doing the mundane things anymore :D

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