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May 2017
Tron Group: Movable-type Printing
Tron Group Print Ad - Movable-type Printing


Using the feature of cross-page, we make creative effect of movable type printing and put it on the left page. It looks like cover the seal to the right page after closing the magazine. This creative concept symbolizes that the thinking of GROUP TRON’s lecturers are as flexible as movable type printing. Besides, it is interesting that the profile pictures of the lecturers are also made from type bar, in order to increase interests of the picture. Simple cross-page advertising creative, to Taiwan's early typography as the representative, to highlight the ambition of being the largest communication Group in Taiwan.

Print advertisement created by Heartbeat Creative Lab, Taiwan for Tron Group, within the category: Professional Services.


We are a movable team.

Advertising Agency: Heartbeat Creative Lab, Taipei, Taiwan
Creative Director / Copywriter: Akira Chen
Art Director: Claire Chang
Photographers: Zhen-Hui, Tsai
Retoucher: Maurice Chen
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