May 2008



Smoking in Italy kills 10 times more people than road accidents.
Tobacco smoke is one of the major risk factors in the development of diseases, often chronic and debilitating, that impact negatively on the welfare of each of us. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) is the leading cause of preventable deaths worldwide, 10 times greater than the deaths due to road accidents.

Art Director / Photographer: Davide Santoli
Copywriter: Jader Zani
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Could work very well as an ambient idea! Bunches of flowers around ashtrays with a small plaquette on it that explains the lot.

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Creative Director
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the text is too long and thing with 10 times more deaths is repeated twice. People aren't dumb, only once is enough.
Unless... since they're aiming this ad at smokers, they're assuming smokers are dumb...?
That's not very nice.

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This could have used a little better sense of art direction: at first glance, it looks like a trash can in a 50s kitchen, and it's just not immediate enough. It needs more of a sense of a sidewalk, outside a building, something to give it a better indication of place.

And perhaps it's just me, but that has to be the longest single sentence in advertising history.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

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complimenti bravo jader!!!!!!!!!!!

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italian advertising...tstststs...

Senhora Kolossa
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Jung von Matt
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mmmmmmm ok

arthur king
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no good.

Guest commenter
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no good.

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Compliments! : )

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Great guys. I totally agree with the ambient idea. Make that outdoor with a natural way to place the headline only, and you have an award winner.

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Many thanks guys.

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