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July 2009
Il Giornale:  Tape recorder
Il Giornale Print Ad -  Tape recorder


Print advertisement created by DDB, Italy for Il Giornale, within the category: Media.


A genuine account of the fascist period.

Advertising Agency: DDB Milan, Italy
Creative Director: Vicky Gitto
Art Director: Diego Mendozza
Copywriter: Maria Chiara Alegi
Retouching: Pixelway
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geniale l'uso di un solo registratore.
gli altri sono al confino o sotto terra con matteotti?
è l'unico commento che può venire.
perché non è adv vero?

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Don't get.

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Good visualization, but with a copy error. It should have been Denis Mack Smith's... We still don't know what the product is...a book, a DVD, or what?????? The copy is in compressed mode as it is. You could have gone in for a few more words to just name your product. You just spoilt a damn good piece of work mate.

Dev Kumar
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Oh my.

Ed Mintone
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Undersatandable idea, but the copywrite could be bigger or something.

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Solid actors :)

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geniale l'uso di un solo registratore e bla bla bla.......?
ma che razza di commento è se non riesci a essere un po più costruttivo nelle critiche non farle

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The genuine account of the fascist period is to inform people about the capability they have to invent.
In this case Mussolini's driver is commenting the wonderful characteristic of the "invisible car" designed by the italian Conductor.
A real pity that all these wonders went lost with the fall of the regime.

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