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September 2018
Fundación Monica Licona: Bike, 1


Cycling is one the fastest growing sports in Panama despite the dangerous roads and lack of information about the law.

Many car drivers get annoyed by cyclists and accidents are common.

Despite this the sport is becoming more popular and thousands of new cyclists are riding on the roads, many of them ride in groups interfering with traffic and creating intolerance and constant friction with drivers. This campaign talks to both sides. On social media it makes sure that people understand that bikes by law are allowed on the roads. But it also talks to cyclists telling them that by law they also have to obey traffic norms, ride on single line and other educational tips. We are all drivers.

Print advertisement created by Y&R, Panama for Fundación Monica Licona, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


We are all drivers. Let’s share the road.

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