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October 2019
Fratelli Pezza: Sometimes Transparency...
Fratelli Pezza Print Ad - Sometimes Transparency...


For the new campaign by FRATELLI PEZZA srl, a leading company in the production of glass blasting machines, we have decided to reverse one of the most famous clichés. We did it by composing a slogan that plays a "see-through game" and placing a funny guy (far behind the advertising stereotypes) behind the glass of the shower instead of the "usual" beautiful girl! Print advertisement created by ADOK studio, Italia for F.lli PEZZA, within the category: Industrial.

Advertising Agency: ADOK STUDIO, Bergamo, Italy
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Difficult sell, this one. Not easy to get that the guy is standing inside shower, looks like he's just standing and a pane placed in front

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The trouble is, you think you have time.

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I am going to fully agree with Spartan here. This ad concept to me is a just a fail.

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