Fake Lips

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April 2018
MysteryVibe: Fake Lips


‘Fake Lips’ highlights the fact that 76% of women admitted to having faked at least one orgasm.[4] Sexuality journalist and researcher Peggy Orenstein says that “by faking an orgasm women are denying themselves the sexual satisfaction they deserve,” making men think they have satisfied their female partner through penetration alone, which we know is only true for 25% of women.[5] Orenstein found that 60% of girls see male orgasms as the primary focus, and ‘faking it’ becomes a way to please him, while robbing themselves of pleasure in the process.

Outdoor advertisement created by McCann, United Kingdom for MysteryVibe, within the category: Retail Services.


Help close the orgasm gap
76% of women have faked orgasms

Advertising Agency: McCann, London, UK
Chief Executive Officer: Alex Lubar
Chief Creative Officers / Co-Presidents: Robert Doubal, Laurence Thomson
Creative Director / Art Director: Dom Butler
Head of Design: Dan Howarth
Design Director: Lisa Carrana
Designers: Jaz Ghotora, Harold Perrin
Business Director / Head of New Business: Elizabeth Bernstein
Director of Communications: Katya Escala
Producer: Paul Gillespie
Photographer: Matthew Thomas
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