May 2020


During the years 1973 and 1985 there was a civic-military dictatorship in Uruguay.

Among its consequences, it left 197 detained citizens missing.

Since 1995, every May 20, the March of Silence has been organized, a massive mobilization demanding truth and justice.

This year, due to the health measures taken by Covid-19, this mobilization was prohibited.

However, through this initiative a way was found to march virtually.

Director: Enzo Casiraghi
Production Manager: Nicolás Zabaleta
Creative Directors: Gustavo Etchandy, Federico Cibilis
Art Director: Juan Diego Vispo
Drone Operator: Andrés Pepoli
Director Of Photography: Mauricio Acosta
Camera: Santiago Cabezudo
Direct Sound: Fernando Serkhochian
Fx: Sofía Idoyaga
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