Disaster Chocolate-Bitter and Sweet

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April 2019
Dae By Day: Disaster Chocolate-Bitter and Sweet
Dae By Day Integrated Ad - Disaster Chocolate-Bitter and Sweet


There are many kinds of disasters happening every day. People are tired of global warming . To arouse people’s attention to global warming issue. We discarded traditional propaganda. In the shop of Dae By Day, we launched the limited desert called “Disaster Chocolate”, based on the issue of global warming . Sweet chocolate creates conflicts between vision and taste. So consumers can not only enjoy chocolate but also feel the pain that the earth suffers from. We hope to impress consumers by the sense of conflict can impress.

Integrated advertisement created by Heartbeat Creative Lab, Taiwan for Dae By Day, within the categories: Confectionery, Snacks, Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

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