Dropper Whopper

June 2019
Burger King: Dropper Whopper
Burger King: Dropper Whopper


Dropper Whopper. The idea is that people are told to look out for the stealth Dropper (a Drone that drops a Whopper to you) once they spot it, they need to film it if spotted, in their BK apps or Instagram stories, the ones with the most views that day/hour will have the Dropper drone come to them via the app location tagging and drop them a whopper. The drone could also be created to look like a mechanical Stork that comes and drops their "Created whopper" to their doorstep. The Whopper could be built in the app. The main criterion is to engage people using their social media to leverage this idea.

Entrant Company: UCLA School, Los Angeles, United States
Student: Hemant Verma
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