The Youngest Candidate #EqualPay

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May 2019


Plano de Menina (Girl's Plan), a social initiative whose goal is to give a voice and opportunities to underprivileged girls throughout Brazil, offering courses and workshops on financial education, entrepreneurship, career building, self-esteem, law, citizenship, and other subjects, created the #EqualPay movement in partnership with BETC/Havas, in order to call on public institutions, employers and society at large to reflect on and promote positive initiatives that contribute to making equal pay between men and women a reality. Research shows that for women to earn the same as men, they need to begin their professional life 10 years earlier. The unfairness of this situation is evidenced through the character Heloisa Teodoro, a 10-year-old Plano de Menina student. In the campaign, the girl questions recruiters from various companies about male privilege and asks: "Do you think that's fair?" The recruiters are left speechless when challenged by a girl who, together with thousands of other Plano de Menina girls, started the #EqualPay movement seeking to secure the same rights and equal pay for women, calling on all Brazilians to unite to make this future possible, so that women can enter the job market at the right time and receive the same salaries and opportunities as men.

Film advertisement created by BETC, Brazil for Plano de Menina, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: BETC | Havas, Sao Paulo, Brazil
CCO: Erh Ray
Executive Creative Director: Andrea Siqueira
Creative Directors: Alexandre Kazuo, Lucas Ribeiro
Creation & Content: Guilherme Possobon, Victor Castelo
Brands & Business: Camila Nakagawa
Communication & PR: Camila Nakagawa, Natalia Oska
Rtv Production: Anna Ferraz, Catia Nucci
Film Production: Trator Filmes
Executive Production: Gabriela Lemos, Armando Ruivo
Director: Julia Cruz Agency
Editor: Tiago Hasegawa
Sound Production: Cabaret Music Product
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