Volvé a tener sueño

January 2021


In Argentina, 6 out of 10 people suffer from sleep disorders.
That data was our kick-start for the production of this commercial campaign for the client Melatol, the brand of the leading sleep-inducing drug in the market.

Film advertisement created by ds, Argentina for Melatol, within the category: Pharmaceutical.


Video 01: You started to miss having nightmares / Get your sleep back
Video 02: You googled "outsomnia" even knowing it doesn't exists / Get your sleep back
Video 03: You ended up combining eye bags and outfit / Get your sleep back
Video 04: You hit the TV and not because it didn't work / Get your sleep back

Advertising School: ds, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Art Director: David Salcedo
Copywriter: Santiago Pelaez
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