May our love for nature be pure!

February 2021


Every year during the mustard or sunflower season, hundreds of visitors rush to enjoy the scenic beauty of mustard flower gardens. However while doing so, they miss a key point- the value of these gardens to the farmers. As a result intentionally or unintentionally people cause damage to those crops heavily. Often we fail to realize that which is just a means of entertainment for us, for some, that is the key to survival. Our mere recreation should not be the cause of loss of crops grown by the farmer's hardships! Therefore while going to see the mustard field or flower garden, lets not trample a single tree of a farmer in any way. May our love for nature be pure!

Brand Lead: Rifat Hussain
Director: Eman Khan
Production House: El Momento
Cinematography: Affan Aziz Pritul
Concept & Copywriting: Rifat Hussain
Script Supervision: Tabassum Sayeka
Creative Director: R. K. Jan
Editing: Rejaul Raju
Color Grading: Affan Aziz Pritul
Music: Rifat Hussain
Voice Over: Rohit Sadhukhan
Production Manager: Morshed Alam
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