Scary Lamp

March 2021


A lamp that connects with horror movies and creates an even more frightening experience for those who are watching. This is the Scary Lamp, launched in an experimental format by the agency. It works like this: Whenever a light flashes in the movies, Scary Lamp will also flash, generating a frighteningly unprecedented interaction in the cinematographic world. With a perfect sync and more then 10 different reactions, the project is still in its prototyping phase, but you can already see the incredible effect it causes. According to André Havt, Creative Director "Through the Scary Lamp, we broke the edges. Raising the level of experience in horror movies and putting the supernatural into people's homes".

Now they are looking for streaming services partners to get out of the prototype and develop a product on a new scale. The project was created by Andre Havt, Daniel Scheiner and Fernando Christo and the promo was directed by Thiago Artimonte through Madre Mia Filmes. The project also has several partnerships such as the technological development by Davy Guilherme and sound design by Jamute.

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