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October 2021


For the Italian launch of European grocery delivery service Gorillas, independent creative and production network DUDE employed guerilla tactics to raise brand awareness by turning the brands most coveted assets - their own bikers - into a bespoke media channel offering discount codes…if you can catch them first.
The Gorillas mantra is ‘Faster than You’ meaning that they promise to deliver from order confirmation to delivery within 10 fast minutes. So those bikers are fast and the time of delivery is very short.

‘Spot the Biker’ challenged the public to take a picture of the discount code which was attached to the back of each biker, and upload that code on their next order through the app. All 70 bikers carried the code which changed each day. No mean feat.

In just 5 days of activity there were 3000 new downloads of the app and a 20% increase in orders.

Gorillas want to revolutionise the way in which we do our grocery shopping, and to address the environmental, economic and social impact that purchasing choices and consumption styles have on the planet.

Essentially, the aim is to make grocery shopping more often, buying less, buying fresher and reducing food waste.
The activation follows an initiative that featured an impactful reinterpretation of the iconic clock of the Central Station of Milan, to highlight excessive food loss and waste. Every 10 minutes Gorillas bikers delivered food bags with a surprise selection of unsold products that could not be sold the next day, but could be consumed due to being within expiry date.

Experiential advertisement created by Dude, Italy for Gorillas, within the categories: Food, Professional Services.

Advertising Agency: DUDE, Milan, Italy
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