Water of Africa

March 2021


The water emergency affects 319 million people in the Southern part of the world, most of them Africans and causes the death of 2 million children under the age of five. This is because the water is contaminated with bacteria and viruses, like typhus and cholera. A problem that is quite removed from the rest of the world and not thought about seriously enough by everyone.
Action Against Hunger's idea was to turn the problem into a physical product. So, we bottled the contaminated water to create the brand The Water of Africa, water drunk by 319 million people, the most consumed in the world, asking that these bottles are the last ones ever to be drunk.
The bottle, a physical object was distributed out of home, in stores, museums, on e-commerce, food app delivery, restaurants, and promoted by print, product placements, on socials by influencers, sponsorship of sports events, and by famous testimonials that have launched other water brands in Italy. The campaign crossed the Italian borders and reached the European Parliament with President Sassoli.

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