The Tackling Bib

December 2020
GMF: The Tackling Bib
GMF Direct Ad - The Tackling Bib


GMF, a French Insurance, has created an educational tackle training bid to help players learn the right reflexes and protect themselves.

Direct advertisement created by Havas Sports & Entertainment, France for GMF, within the categories: Health, Professional Services, Sports.

Advertising Agency: Havas Sports & Entertainment, Paris, France
Production House: Inigo Brothers
Ceo: Stéphane Guerry
Deputy CEO: Emeric Deminiere
Creative Director: Fabrice Plazolles
Head Of Digital & Social Media: Charles Bal
Account Director: Jérôme Gautier
Account Director: Ugo Medioni
Creative: Jade Combescot
Creative: Charlotte Merlaud
Social Media Manager: Naomi Loiseau
Account Manager: Maxime Royer
Account Manager: Maxime Delaby
Events Director: Viviane Picard
Head Of PR: Audélia Leloup
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