Flame Grill your EX

July 2018
Burger King: Flame Grill your EX
Burger King Digital Ad - Flame Grill your EX


We were asked to create a campaign that gets the 18-24 year olds to believe that fire is better. While we dove deep to understand what is the one thing most 18-24 year olds went through, we found out it was 'Break-ups'. That is age of discovering relationships, experimenting and experiencing the different types of people. We noticed a lot of rage on social media when it came to things their exes gifted them. We thought, why not help them burn their exes' things and give them a Whopper for free, return to show them that 'Fire is Better'. We invited people to our outlets a week before Valentine's Day. On valentines day we collected the items, burned it and used it to fuel our flame-grilled goodness : The Whopper patties.

Digital advertisement created by Miami Ad School, United States for Burger King, within the category: Food.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, San Francisco, USA
Art Director: Michael Ching
Copywriter: Prasiddha Thiyagarajan
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