Big Mac Vs Big Mac

February 2019
Burger King: Big Mac Vs Big Mac


2019 Burger King x Student Integrated Campaign / Clio Gold Winner

At Burger King we are constantly challenging our main competitor (Mc. Donald's), as we firmly stand by the belief that patties should be cooked the right way -⎯ flame grilled.

Our idea is a PR stunt. We found that there are thousands of "Big Mac Lovers" out there, and what better to prove our point than by asking them to unknowingly taste test Burger King's version of their favorite burger.

Burger King as a brand only experiments with true events. With this execution, we have true testimonies from the competitor's most loyal and diehard customers preferring Burger King's take on their beloved Big Mac over the traditional fried version. This video of the PR stunt is perfect for a number of various mediums. From live traditional TV broadcasting, to any digital platform or streaming service like Youtube or Netflix, and even social media to get the conversation started.

Take a bite.

"Big Mac vs. Big Mac"

Entrant Company: Miami Ad School, Miami, United States
Copywriter: Domingo Angelini
General Manager: Wonsik Cho
President: Tina Assadour
Traffic Manager: Daniel Pujol
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