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June 2021


With online shopping pivoting during the pandemic, and fintech companies and banks creating more smooth ways for consumers to shop easier online, the Swedish bank Nordax has created a tool to urge people to buy less online – and to make smoothies instead.

Nordax Bank, a Swedish niche bank that offers loans for people who don’t have traditional employment status, is seeing the down side of the new possibilities with online shopping. With more and more credit companies offering the possibility to split payments on any kind of purchase, a lot of Swedes find themselves in a hard to get out of-debt. The Swedish Enforcement Authority, the government agency that handles debts, showed in a recent statement that the majority of people in Sweden under 30 years old with debt with the Enforcement Authority have gained the debt from online shopping with split payments. And that’s where Nordax's new plugin comes into play.

The tool is a Google Chrome plugin called Smoothie Shopping that pops up at check out, urging you to take a moment and instead make a smoothie, a little break to contemplate if you really want to press “buy”.

Content advertisement created by Wikberg&Frisk, Sweden for Nordax Bank, within the category: Finance.

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What a beautiful idea!

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