The Dopper Wave

June 2020


On World Oceans day, Dutch social enterprise Dopper released a film and mini-documentary series featuring individual wavemakers from around the globe, illustrating the power of individual change in the fight to save our oceans. The film and documentaries are part of the launch of a global movement, called the Dopper Wave, which urges organisations, companies, events and individuals to collectively pledge to ban single-use plastic water bottles. A small adjustment in our daily routines with a great impact: clean oceans. The 90-second film features real-life wavemakers from around the world who, with simple, everyday actions, make a difference. From the likes of Lilly Platt, an 11-year old activist living in the Netherlands, Miss Donna-Ray Jones, a Drag Queen Entertainer who gives plastic a second life on stage, Paul Waye, a plogger hailing from the UK and Andre Kendall, an artist from Brooklyn. Everyone in the film pledges to fight the evil that’s called single-use plastic. The film is accompanied by a series of 8 mini-documentaries, celebrating the diverse stories of the trailblazing wavemakers to show how anyone, anywhere can make a change. The Wave is just getting started. And every drop counts. Want to join? Sign the pledge at

Film Production: Chapter Amsterdam
Music Production: Yellowbloom
Creative Director: Jessica Stahl
Director: Reinjan Prakke
Cinematographer: Kevin Kimman
Producer: Jesse Broertjes
Creative: Sander Van De Vlasakker
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