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January 2020
Visit Normandy: Enduring Ties
Visit Normandy Print Ad - Enduring Ties


This tactical ad was published on the day the United Kingdom left the European Union to demonstrate that Normandy's enduring ties with the UK will continue long after Brexit. Copy: SOME TIES ENDURE In 2014, one of Brexit’s most prominent Leave campaigners was pictured wearing a necktie of the Bayeux Tapestry. While the tie was reportedly worn to “remind people of the last time Britain was invaded,” the tapestry itself has come to represent much more than the Norman conquest of 1066. It has become a symbol of the history the UK shares with Normandy and - with the prospect of the tapestry returning to the British Isles - will come to represent a new future of Anglo-Norman cooperation. And, even though today marks the day that the UK leaves the EU, we think it’s worth remembering that whatever your position, there will always be more to unite us than divide us. So, whether it’s to visit, work, study or trade, you’ll always be welcome in Normandy.

Print advertisement created by mr.h, United Kingdom for Visit Normandy, within the category: Hospitality, Tourism.

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