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January 2020
Polestar: Goodbye combustion engine
Polestar Print Ad - Goodbye combustion engine


Polestar is the new electric performance car brand owned by Volvo Cars and Geely, determined to accelerate the change to electric mobility. In the spring of 2020, Polestar will launch its latest car: Polestar 2. As part of the international launch campaign “Goodbye Normal”, Polestar and international creative agency ACNE created the print “Goodbye combustion engine”. The long copy ad reads like an obituary for the internal combustion engine as if it were a person. The ad is a friendly dig towards the combustion engine that has been affecting the environment and polluting the air for over 160 years. With the campaign, Acne and Polestar wanted to move away from stereotypical car advertising. Instead, they’re doing away with conventions they see as harmful and outdated to help create a better industry, one free from stereotypes, combustion engines, regular car keys (Polestar 2 doesn’t have one), and so on.

Print advertisement created by Acne, Sweden for Polestar, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: ACNE, Sweden
Executive Creative Director: Johan Bello
Client Director: Niclas Bergström
Account Manager: Daniella Dzijan
Creative Lead: David Aronson
Craft Lead: David Hammarström
Art Director: Matilda Blomquist
Art Director: Chris Hagberg
Copywriter: Rebecka Ståhl
Copywriter: Joakim Lingström
Final Art: Patrik Gullbert
Final Art: Henrik Åkerberg
Planner: Matthew Hearle
Planner: Kristina Båth
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