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November 2017


Cicatricure is a cream that facilitates the disappearance of scars. The idea is to show the memories that are marked and can´t be eliminated: for the rest of the marks there is Cicatricure.

Print advertisement created by Brother Ad School, Argentina for Cicatricure, within the category: Health.


Erasing marks than can be erased

Advertising School: Brother Ad School, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Art Director / Illustrator: Victoria Kociman
Art Director: Franco Dagotto
Copywriter: Arnaldo Aldana
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Fran Luckin's picture

I had to read the description under the ad to find out what the product was, and until I did that the ad didn't make sense. I think it would be easier to get the idea if the copy used "scars" instead of "marks." We generally talk about psychological "scars" rather than psychological "marks."

Fran Luckin
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Chief Creative Officer at Grey Africa's picture

Hi, the pattern of thinking seems familiar. There are things that you can fix, for the rest that you can not, there is this and this product. The construction of thought is not new. But, I love the craft and humor behind your thinking! Thumbs up for this.

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Creative Director at McCann Belgrade