Watch everyone!

February 2021
Yasna Kino: Watch everyone!
Yasna Kino: Watch everyone!
Yasna Kino Integrated Ad - Watch everyone!
Yasna Kino Integrated Ad - Watch everyone!


YASNA is a convenient service which include telephony, online TV, high-speed Internet. This year, 2 new products have appeared in the YASNA lineup: YASNA KINO and YASNA KINO +.

To develop a campaign that will tell about the new YASNA KINO packages and motivate the audience to connect to them.

There are a lot of films and TV series in the YASNA KINO packages - everyone will find something to watch. And not only people: your socks will watch YASNA KINO together with you. After all, for a movie marathon, you will make yourself as comfortable as possible, stretching your legs towards the screen. Most importantly, remember: if the socks are punished, watch YASNA KINO on your smartphone or tablet – so they won't see it!

Integrated advertisement created by AIDA Pioneer Branding & Creative, Belarus for Yasna Kino, within the categories: Media, Movies, TV Promos.

Advertising Agency: AIDA Pioneer Branding & Creative, Minsk, Belarus
Lead Creative: Artem Chizhik
Creative Director: Anastasia Nikonovich
Creator: Dmitry Fomin
Art Director: Irina Zelenko
Art Director: Tatyana Uralova
Designer: Anna Sklyarova
Designer: Irina Zhalevich
Account Manager: Marina Sergeeva
Project Manager: Natalia Khoryakova
Director/producer: Vasily Sviridov
Dop: Konstantin Ryabkov
Animation: Ekaterina Polyakova
Sound: Egor Sokolov
Production Designer: Ivan Gaidukov
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