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March 2021
Warner Music / Rothco: Saylists
Warner Music / Rothco: Saylists
Warner Music Integrated Ad - Saylists
Warner Music Integrated Ad - Saylists


With one in 12 children in the UK experiencing some sort of Speech Sound Disorder (SSD), one of the most successful strategies to overcome those difficulties is the repetition of difficult syllables and phrases, however, that can be a tedious process for children, which is why Warner Music wanted to use music to add a fun and engaging element to the process.
Rothco created an algorithm that analyses the lyrics of songs for patterns of repetitions specifically used to train challenging speech sounds such as ‘CH’, ‘D’, ‘F’, ‘G’, ‘K, ‘L’, ‘R’, ‘S’, ‘Z’, ‘T’. The custom-built lists feature songs such as ‘Don’t Start Now’ by Dua Lipa, ‘Good As Hell’ by Lizzo and ‘Right Here, Right Now’ by Fatboy Slim and are exclusively distributed by Apple Music.

Integrated advertisement created by Rothco, United Kingdom for Warner Music, within the categories: Agency Self-Promo, Music, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Rothco, Part of Accenture Interactive
Concept: Rob Maguire, Conor Cunniffe, Shane O'Riordan, Bronagh O'Donovan
Creative Director: Rob Maguire
Copywriter: Conor Cunniffe
Design Director: Shane O'Riordan
Strategist: Bronagh O'Donovan
Art Director: Aisling Clarke
Art Director: Sam Caren
Developer: Niall Eccles
Executive Producer: Jess Derby
Post Producer: Hannah Gallagher
Designer, Motion Designer, Editor, Stop Motion Artist: Cris Schmidt
Designer, Motion Designer, Illustrator, Animator: Raphael DaSilva
Designer, Motion Designer, 3D Generalist: Gabriel Teixeira
Video Editor: Paul Power
Agency Creative Director: Ray Swan
Executive Creative Director: Jen Speirs
Chief Creative Officer: Alan Kelly
CEO | MD Accenture Interactive: Richard Carr
Executive Chairman: Patrick Hickey
Managing Partner Rothco Accenture Interactive: Zara Flynn
Senior Account Manager: Sean Cushen
Agency Resource & Operations: Lauren McNinney
Agency Resource & Operations: Clair Flemming
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