May 2020
Teen Vogue / The Case For Her: Too Sexy For UK
Teen Vogue Integrated Ad - Too Sexy For UK


Open conversation about female pleasure is taboo in cultures around the world. So much so that in UK, it's only visual evidence - squirting or female ejaculation - is banned from porn. For better or for worse, porn is the main source of sex-ed for many and censoring something so natural makes women feel insecure about their own bodies.

With Too Sexy For UK, Teen Vogue and The Case For Her hijack nature to express just how natural female ejaculation is and help women reclaim their own sexual pleasure.

Integrated advertisement created by Miami Ad School, India for Teen Vogue, within the categories: Media, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Mumbai, India
Copywriter: Palak Kapadia
Art Director: Catarina Barcala
Art Director: Xavi Ocana
Art Director: Hanna Choi
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