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December 2020


Make-A-Wish-Greece is a known organization. Yet, not many people feel comfortable with “the details”. The general audience considers the concept of ill kids as very shocking and prefer to stay uninformed. Because of this, a very important information remains unknown: Making wishes come true, offers to all the ill children, the psychological strength they need to fight and even overcome their illness.

The well- known brand SEPTONA & Make-A-Wish-Greece, joined their powers in order to change the perspective of sadness and make the public get inspired & more involved. To achieve it, we combined 2 things: 1. The most memorable moment for a Greek parent is watching his child on the stage of a school theatre reciting a poem 2. Every Greek loves and gets inspired by one particular poem: “Ithaca” of Constantine P. Cavafy which tells the story of Odysseus, that against all odds, returned home to Ithaca. What kept him going was his wish to get there! And that alone, made him a hero!

This campaign is called “Ithaca” and considers the wishing children as the Odysseus of today. They are heroes. So, every hero has an “Odyssey” but he also has his “own Ithaca”, his wish. Every time a wish like that comes true, the hero gains more power and strength to overcome the barriers. Just like Antonia in the video.

Film advertisement created by Socialab, Greece for Septona, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: socialab, Athens, Greece
Chief Strategist: Tasos Veliadis
Senior Copywriter: Katerina Geraniou
Creative Director: George Paschalidis
Creative Director: Thanasis Chondronasios
Senior Art: Dimitris Davakis
Director: Anastasia Pyrovolaki
Production: Elias Panouklias
Account Director: Lefteris Diakostefanis
Account Director: Vasiliki Koulouri
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