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April 2021


We don’t need a name to be friends. We just default back to factory settings.

As we emerge from lockdown, we are all so happy to see our friends. Even the ones whose names we don’t know. This was the insight brought to life in a new spot for, Savanna Cider, South Africa’s no. 1 cider. Known for its witty and unapologetic commentary on the ironies and nuances of South African life, it turns its attention to the ‘My Friend’ Zone. Not the one you are probably thinking about (sitting on your couch surrounded by wet tissues after your crush rejects you) – the other kind; the multiple friends South Africans tend make going around their daily business. The barman, the receptionist arriving at the office park at the same time as you every morning, or that regular spotting you a mile away to help you carry your bags. Each person becomes your friend, buddy, sweetie, bro or love. This is all good and well but one crucial question never gets asked: “What is your name?” This light-hearted perspective on life and the introduction of the line of Siyavanna, South Africa – “We get you; we are on the same page” – has enabled Savanna to effortlessly tap into everyday situations.

Film advertisement created by Grey, South Africa for Savanna Cider, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

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