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January 2021


In order to fight Covid-19, the Peruvian NGO Perú Te Quiero ("Peru I love you") brought 3 local dead celebrities back to life using deepfake. One of the videos shows Grand Admiral Miguel Grau, the greatest Peruvian hero of all time, who invites people to question their values as a nation during this pandemic under a clear premise: "Don't join me yet, there will be time for that." Chabuca Granda, the most famous Peruvian singer and songwriter of all time, addresses the audience to share prevention tips against the virus and inspires the country to return to its rightful place of greatness. Finally, Daniel Peredo, the most famous Peruvian sports announcer of all time who prematurely passed away, stands on top of the broadcasting tower in Lima's National Stadium to emotionally ask Peruvians to leave the stands and go down to the pitch to take an active stance against the virus. Real pictures and original videos and sets were recreated, with the use of actors who performed exactly like the original characters in their ambients. The faces of these characters were "applied" over those actors faces with deepfake. The voices of the characters were performed by expert voice actors who perfectly imitated their timbres.

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