An exclusive baby dinner

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April 2011


Olvarit organises babies-only tasting at a Michelin-starred restaurant. Olvarit babyfoods have launched a new range of creative pots by inviting 20 babies to a unique tasting at one of Belgium’s finest restaurants: De Pastorie, in Lichtaart. Olvarit’s research showed that young parents prefer preparing their own meals for their baby – but that they often worry about whether they’re doing it right. Knowing which kinds of meat or fish to serve and getting the quantities just right is often more complicated than you’d expect. So the Belgian babyfood brand, part of the Nutricia group, came up with a new range of foods: Olvarit Ingredient. Six different varieties of meat or fish in just the right quantities. So you can combine their work with yours to combine with fresh vegetables to create a delicious homemade meal for your baby. There’s even an Olvarit recipe book to help make your meals even more interesting. And to show the creative possibilities the new range offered, Olvarit and advertising agency Duval Guillaume Antwerp/Modem organised a tasting with a difference. An invitation was sent out to the company’s mailing list, and 20 lucky guests were selected to be the first to try the range at one of Belgium’s finest restaurants. Chef Carl Wens conjured up two delicious courses and the babies were given free reign to enjoy their meal as only they could.

Film advertisement created by Duval Guillaume, Belgium for Olvarit, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Duval Guillaume, Belgium
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atilas lob's picture

yeah...nice one, makes me wanna have another child:)

atilas lob
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Graphic Designer at Paper Communications
jagadeesh's picture

man..that was the cutest ever baby video..

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JeffP's picture

01:40. Looks just like my boy. Cute

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Marketing Manager at TomTom
atilas lob's picture

yeah...nice one, makes me wanna have another child:)

atilas lob
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Graphic Designer at Paper Communications
kleenex's picture

The babies were cute.

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Web Designer/Developer
Prof's picture

not gonna jump on the "aww how cute" bandwagon here, but tell me now, how could this be a large scale success? inviting a couple parents did the trick to get this across to the whole of belgium? i think not...

still cute though :P

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Quite really.

atb2005's picture

I think yes. It's called viral. People are sharing this. And I am sure it got tons of media coverage in Belgium.

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Well pimped!

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sirvan's picture

LOVE the pianist

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"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

SuperPolle's picture

The look on the girl's face at 0:51 and a couple of seconds on says it for me.
This is clearly trying too hard.
And on an insights level the kids featured at too old to eat jarred babyfood (which is per definition crap by the way ...).

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