Family Proof

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November 2019
McDonald's: Family Proof


With this new campaign, McDonald’s France wants to reassert that it is the families’ favorite restaurant. For a child, life is often made of constraints: do not run, do not touch, do not get dirty… But at McDonald’s, it’s not like anywhere else: you can spend the day in it, you can eat whenever you want, and you can play at the same time. In a nutshell, it's a real leisure destination, which rhymes with freedom for families. This freedom is essential in everyday life that McDonald's France decided to transcribe with this campaign aimed at families. With these 4 visuals photographed by Maud Rémy-Lonvis and declined in several formats, McDonald's reaffirms that its restaurants are designed for families: its famous arches remain untouched and untouchable in the midst of transgressive and childish universes, with a stamp "Family Proof" which comes to seal this postulate.

Film advertisement created by TBWA, France for McDonald's, within the category: Food.

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