The Beer That United Two Countries

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June 2018


Bolivia has been a landlocked country since 1879, when it lost its access to the Pacific Ocean to Chile. Until this day the sea continues to distance the two countries, even reaching the International Court in the Hague.

Franka, a small craft brewery, believes it is possible for both nations to share the sea, and to prove it created "Pacifica", the first Bolivian craft beer made with seawater from the Pacific Ocean, so that Bolivians and Chileans could sit at the same table and drink as friends.

We created a commercial to tell the story of how we traveled 1568 km to Antofagasta (Chile) to collect a sample of seawater that we then took to Santa Cruz (Bolivia) to elaborate “Pacifica”.

The commercial quickly garnered national and international attention, achieving $400,000 in media coverage with $0 budget in a little over a week. Using the commercial we then invited Bolivians and Chileans residing in Bolivia to try this unique recipe at an inauguration event on March 23, 2018 the day Bolivians celebrate “El dia del Mar”.

And so, that's how a small craft brewery facing large national beer companies managed to united two countries with absolutely no budget.

Pacifica, the sea can be shared.

Film advertisement created by Raza Ad, Bolivia for Franka Craft Brewery, within the category: Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Raza Ad, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia
Chief Executive Officer: Eduardo Baeza
DGC: Sergio Chisaka
Art Director: Miguel Zambrana
Copywriters: Samuel Torres, Sergio Chisaka
Copywriter Jr.: José Bertero
Account Executive: Estela Vargas
Audiovisual Producer: Paola Rodríguez
Responsable Client: Gonzalo Campero
Production: Cabruja Films
Director: Luciano Panei
DOP: Ytalo Cabruja
Executive Producer:José Luis Cabruja
Post-Production: Maxi Daens
Musical Production: Federico Amaya, Matias Berdiales / Polenta Studios
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