The Vegetables Name Change

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May 2018


Carrots became Orange Rockets.
Chicory became Dragon Teeth.
Mushrooms became Gnome Trumpets

Those magical names were put on new packs, which replaced the ‘normal’ veggies in all 900 Delhaize stores across Belgium.
The Magic Veggies were all over the fresh department. And all over the media.

But why?
Why did we decide to rename vegetables?

We all know kids don't like vegetables.

As a result, kids only eat 30% of the recommended quantity of veggies. By making vegetables more appealing, we make kids forget they are eating veggies, they will actually taste them and eventually learn to eat them: a gnome trumpet goes down way easier than an oyster mushroom.

How did we do it?

We asked kids what certain veggies looked like, what they made them think of. And we used 12 of the coolest names they invented on actual packaging in the stores, and in communication.

Film advertisement created by TBWA, Belgium for Delhaize, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: TBWA, Brussels, Belgium
Strategy: Kristof Janssens
Creatives: Frank Marinus (CD), Alex Ameye (AD), Sébastien Verliefde (AD), Julien Riviezzo (Copy), Bout Holtof (Copy), Wilfrid Morin (Copy), Gregory Van Buggenhout (AD), Olaf Meuleman (Copy)
Accounts: Charlotte Lindemans (Account Director), Geert Potargent
Art Buying / Production: Alex Ameye (AD)
Photography: Marc Wauters, Alex Ameye (AD)
Design / Illustrations: Estelle Vanduynslaeger (Designer), Jana Keppens (Designer), Alex Ameye (AD)
Studio: Annick Cohen, Marianne Gualtierri, Patti Secci
Radio Producers: Raf Debraekeleer, Lore Desmet
Social Video Producers: Toon Vandenbranden, Laurien Rodesch
Digital Producers: Jan Bikkembergs, Julie de Troostembergh
Digital Strategy: Michael Liekens
Digital Creation: Nigel Ooms, Jolien Van Heyste, Sofie Gilliams, Sarah Pierrequin
Digital Design / Production: Geert Broeders, Wannes Vermeulen, Frederik Severijns, Yannick Van Der Goten, Jeroen Govaert, Ruben Temmerman
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Well the idea worked.

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Well the idea worked.

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