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March 2010


Film advertisement created by TBWA, United Arab Emirates for Dac, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: TBWA RAAD Dubai, UAE
Creative Director: Fouad Abdel Malak
Copywriter: Fouad Abdel Malak
Director: Omar Hilal
Prouction Company: Omar Hilal Productions
DOP: Morsy
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Capitano's picture

that's some twist!.. i like very much... :D

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michdec's picture

I just find it slightly in bad taste to mock abuse when it does happen and some people don't/can't do anything about it

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juankhr's picture

bad taste and a twist. hate it!

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Art Director at la negra buenos aires
bad astronaut's picture

yup....bad taste. it would have been funny if it was a parody about men being pussy whipped.

bad astronaut
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nihal_gabr's picture

I absolutely love it!! Who said it's mocking abuse? It didn't talk about people or animals. It's about carpets. And if in your head you have added people and animal into the mix, then it's sort of your problem really, 'cause as far as I'm concerned it's made fun of the documentary format but not a cause in particular. GENIUS work! Keep it up

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bad astronaut's picture

Yeah, it's about carpets but that's the pay off...They used a format that leads people to think it's about spousal abuse, that is what's going over your head. They do get credit for having the balls to push the envelope in that direction, but it's more of a hit or miss...than an act of genius. In this case, they missed because the only people who find spousal abuse as a good gimmick are those who treat women as things.

bad astronaut
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gmint7's picture

whoever thought of this is fuckking mental...

i know it's satire, but how can you still make such joke for real. (the women acted and cry ffs)

lol. wtf dubai, seriously.

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Art Director at ad grad @ S Francisco |


kalpesh78's picture

its too bad. shouldn't be here.

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Chief Creative Officer at Uniqish Brand Creche |

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

kagzmainah's picture


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Graphic Designer
creative.vibes's picture

hooooooooooooooooooooooooooorible....especially when this kind of treatment prevails in real with a lot of maids in middle east :(

Activity Score 86
Art Director at Bluamobea, UAE
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