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June 2021


The new campaign by Brussels Mobility, intended for young people aged 18-30, diverts the codes of sports betting with biting humour as a reminder that, no matter what mode of transport used, driving under the influence (of drugs and alcohol) kills.

Summer is coming, putting an end to months of lockdown; restaurants and outdoor terraces are welcoming us back to celebrate meeting up again and one month of the Euro Soccer Championship… The time has come to remind people that taking to the road after drinking alcohol or smoking a joint is anything but banal, whether you travel home by car, bike or scooter!

Further to its “Barlos" campaign in 2020, Brussels Mobility is hitting hard. The new campaign, starring the Belgian actor Guy Staumont (Dikkenek), displays resolutely biting humour and surfs on the wave of sports betting, with a message: "Beat the odds".

“This campaign is a throwback to the cult character from the film Dikkenek", explains Nicolas Gaspart, copywriter for mortierbrigade, the agency that designed the campaign with VO. Baudouin tells us how he made a fortune through betting... on future road traffic accidents among young people who get behind the wheel under the influence. Armed with statistics, he speaks directly to viewers and shares his tips and tricks “to make big money!”

Film advertisement created by Mortierbrigade, Belgium for Brussels Mobility, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

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