Xbox Game Changers

May 2021


We could all use a break from shooting zombies, defeating dragons, and blowing up buildings. While most games focus on violence and destruction, it’s about time we use this platform for positive change. RARE wants us to create a game that’s a force for good, that not only makes players feel good but also does good. But one game can’t address all the issues the world is facing. So we created dozens. Introducing XBOX Game Changers: A self-sustained platform for bringing real-world impact. Through gamers, XBOX and Rare will develop a game series that tackles a multitude of causes. By getting gamers to do what they do best, and put their creativity and problem-solving skills to the test, they will take part in a gaming experience that encourages conversation and action around important causes.

Experiential advertisement created by Miami Ad School, United States for Xbox, within the category: Gaming.

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