PAW - Players for Animal Welfare

March 2021


70 million stray cats live in the US. Most people know you can adopt them, yet there is a lot of misinformation about the subject.

What’s the best way of making people empathize with stray cats? A video game where you play as the stray cats themselves! An open-world game where you’ll have various missions which revolve around the daily lives of stray cats like scrounging for food, harsh weather, etc. Stray cats are social, and we use that to add multiplayer to our game.

The cat you play as will end up being found by an animal shelter. This shelter and the cat you played as will actually exist in the city you play in, waiting to be adopted. PAW is not just extremely fun to play with, but also serves our purpose: a safer world for stray cats.

Experiential advertisement created by Miami Ad School, Germany for Xbox, within the categories: Gaming, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, Hamburg, Germany
Creative Technologist: Paras Juneja
Creative Technologist: Sukratti Jain
Art Director: Shadab Wajih
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