Alexa Reads The News

March 2019


According to a study done by ‘The New York Times’ three out of five people in the US are unable to distinguish between fact and opinion. Over time, while our sources have increased multifold, news literacy has only dwindled. New York Times wanted to help readers easily and clearly differentiate between fact and opinion.

This got us thinking and we asked ourselves a simple question. When news is read out to us, isn’t it significantly easier to distinguish between fact and opinion? We dug a level deeper to unearth the reason.

Opinions inherently have a voice while facts don’t.

Our Idea: Alexa reads the news

Amazon Alexa uses two different tones of voice to read out the news. It gives a personality to the opinion piece and reads the fact pieces in a robotic tone. This makes the difference between a fact and an opinion apparent.

Confused, if it is a fact or an opinion?

Just ask Alexa.

Experiential advertisement created by Miami Ad School, India for The New York Times, within the category: Media.

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