Reverse Trick or Treat

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October 2020


Halloween is saved with the Reverse Trick or Treat by the Sour Patch Kids. Instead of families going door to door for candy, candy comes to them. On halloween night, 12 select cities will receive a contactless Reverse Trick or Treat candy delivery, to make up for the restrictions. To be a part of the experience, people can go to Sour Patch Kids’ Instagram and suggest their city.
COVID-19 has many cities in lockdown and city management advising against Trick or Treating, the main staple for candy brands during Halloween.

To save that experience, Sour Patch Kids created the Reverse Trick or Treat, in which the candy comes to you. In 12 select cities, Sour Patch Kids will be delivered straight to family’s doorsteps, in a classic jack o lantern bucket, and in one lucky city, the Kids themselves will arrive in a giant bucket-mobile to deliver a contactless trick or treat experience. People can go to Sour Patch Kids’ instagram to suggest their city to receive the special delivery, and save Halloween for their neighbors.

Experiential advertisement created by David, United States for Sour Patch Kids, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

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