Darth Fladder

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March 2009
WWF:  Darth Fladder
WWF Direct Ad -  Darth Fladder


Direct advertisement created by Germaine, Belgium for WWF, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Germaine Brussels, Belgium
Creative Director: Dirk Domen
Creatives: Jef Boes, Pieter Claeys
Photographer: Evert Thiry
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Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

Love it.
What a fantastic direct mail/post card idea to promote this now-annual event. Remember those all-black Earth Hour ads and posters from last year? This is so much more fun and conceptual stuff. This card actually makes me want to get on their mailing list. And that's a huge compliment from me!

Will I turn off all the lights around me for one hour on that night?

Now that's an entirely different discussion...

Jet Propulsion Lab
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probably because you are stupid

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så dum. ja du er!

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How did they get George Lucas to aprove this? omg well it's for the sake of nature

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borrowed interest

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The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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I actually don't mind it in this case. Lord Vader character can be taken into various other aspects of the campaign (if they have the budget for it) and become more of an integrated centerpiece for the whole event. I just love the simplicity of the message here and the perfect "vehicle" to deliver it.

Jet Propulsion Lab
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bugger all photography and post

ASK Creative Co...
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Visit my Blog with additional photos of me saving the planet !


or go to www.earthhour.be and sign up now !

Darth Fladder
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I like it!!

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Camilo Rendon

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I'm curious to know whether they got the permission of Leo Burnett's to use the Earth Hour brand...

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It's not a scam. Germaine has the account of wwf in Belgium....

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Really good!!

Blair Semenoff
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Badly explained on this board but a nice idea nonetheless.

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good thinking jenkins!

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look this link, i remembered this idea time ago



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very good concept,funny!but the visual isn't really explain clearly

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hey im new to all of this
i know it main simple but i have an essay i need to write on this and im struggling
can anyone please tell me what is..
1. the purpose of ad
2. target audience *if anyy- sex,age, income, lifestlye etc
3. what techniques are used eg symbolism, lighting, colour, background, writen codes, technical codes, symbolic codes um, stereotypes, camera angle, clothing, body language
4. is there like prior knowledge needed (like i think that means the ads more effective if we know who darth vader is)
my essay question is "analyse the techniques used to influence the target audience of the advertisement".
help would be greatly appreciated.
if they could either jus comment it or email directly to mitchcook@live.com

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Boring. Silly.

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nice one guys

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cannes cannes cannes !

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