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November 2019


Free (one of the main French telecommunications companies) opened its 66th store in France last November. A very mundane fact to say the least, and one which, on paper, wouldn’t be of any interest to the general public. Introducing #FindTheNumber! A week before the opening of the store, Free placed a promotional installation in the window, offering passers-by the chance to win an iPhone 11. To do so, they just had to send a text message saying: “Free is opening a new store in the Rue de Rennes” to make the phone in front of them ring. The problem is that Free didn’t give the number of the phone in question! So to take part, it was the passers-by themselves, who promoted the opening of the new store to other random people in France. Thousands of text messages were sent throughout France and there was widespread media coverage, both on Twitter and by influencers for an unbeatable production cost (of less than 3000€).

Direct advertisement created by Herezie, France for Free, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Herezie, Paris, France
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