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September 2020


People are missing festivals, and festivals are missing people

Organizers of Ural Music Night, a huge Russian festival, launched an international project to support the global festival movement and attract attention to the industry that has suffered a lot from the pandemic. 11 mini-sets — replicas of real stages and their surroundings, used at 11 festivals around the world — were hand-made to invite and entertain a very special audience — 8 000 ants. Actual ants.

The idea was to recreate the spirit of a crowd, an irreplaceable element of any festival. The little insects — fortunately — don’t have to follow the rules of social distancing.

The project's website ( is a kind of a map and “ant nest”. You can get to know more about music festivals all around the world and, maybe, pin a new must-visit event for planning your trips next year!

While this year the music industry is on hold, festivals are looking forward to staying in touch with their fans. The website offers a few ways to do that: you can watch the 11 video reports starring ants (how it could have been if it wasn’t for the pandemic), feel the vibe of a gig, purchase the festivals’ merch, donate money to make future festivals possible.

Digital advertisement created by Voskhod, Russia for Ural Music Night, within the categories: Music, Recreation, Leisure.

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